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Working in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, our versatility enables us to pour more than 150 alloys.

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Get Versatility and variety in fine investment casting

Investment casting or 'lost wax processing' provides a shortcut to your finished precision parts without welding, excessive machining or assembly. It is the solution for many complex shapes and provides smooth surface finishes, accurate dimensions and fine detail. You can take advantage of the benefits found in the investment casting process such as:

Design Flexibility

Because the investment casting process produces near-net-shape configurations, our engineers and designers enjoy the freedom of design. They are capable of producing precise detail and accuracy in all parts from 2 ounces to 15 pounds. Undercuts, fans, complex cores are no problem.

Alloy Choice

With over 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys available for pouring, we can produce castings in virtually any metal, for any application.

Investment Casting Process

The Investment Casting Process is a "lost wax" process. Follow this link to see our investment casting process......

Lower Production Costs

Our ability to produce precise parts "near net shape" means there are fewer machining hours, sometimes none at all.

No Assembly Required

Our investment casting process enables multiple part assemblies to be combined into one part eliminating the need for fabrication.

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Kovatch Casting provides services in casting such as medical stainless steel casting, heat resistant stainless steel and precision investment casting. Let us handle your next investment casting project.

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12 May

Shell Room Automation Continues

In the investment casting process, trees of wax pattern are dipped into slurry and rotated under falling sand to build shells around the wax patterns. (click to see "The Process"). This process generally uses both manual and robotic operations.

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12 May

KCI finds an alternative to high-lead copper alloys - C83470

For many years, we at Kovatch Castings, did not quote high lead copper alloys such as C83600/C83800 (aka "leaded red brass") because of health hazards associated with the pouring and use of the alloy.

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