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Frank Kovatch, Founder

Kovatch Castings, Inc. was founded by Frank Kovatch in 1976 - with very humble beginnings. However, Frank’s story really begins in the early 1900’s with his parents’ emigration from Eastern Europe.  Leaving their relatives and familiar life in Slovakia, they set-out in search of a better life for themselves and their family.

Frank’s parents were hard working people who took a tremendous risk and sacrificed everything for a new life in the United States. Frank’s mother tended to their family that had grown to 17 children, while his father worked in the steel mills to provide for his family.

When Frank grew up, he worked for 22 years for an investment casting foundry in Cleveland. He was fascinated with the process, and had vision that there was a strong future in the industry. Remembering the sacrifice of his hard-working parents, and wanting to bring honor to the family name, he and 3 brothers decided to start their own company.

Undercapitalized, and with very well used equipment, a strong faith in God, and belief in themselves, they began in a small block and a metal building in Akron, OH. They struggled - but Frank was determined.  In 1984, Kovatch landed significant new business and was able to buy their first pieces of new equipment. They had turned a corner, and business continued to grow.

Frank's dream was realized in 1991 when he moved into a brand new building in Uniontown, OH. The business exploded!

Through all of the ups and downs, Frank Kovatch demonstrated that he was a man of vision, determination, and Christian character. He was a man who wanted a better life for himself and his family and wanted the family name to make a mark in the world.

Frank Kovatch not only taught his family and employees to do a good and honest job for customers but to also give back to each other, the community, and the world for Blessings received.

Frank Kovatch was a dreamer, a doer, and a risk taker – and we are forever grateful to him!

Doug Kovatch, President & CEO

In 2000, Doug Kovatch took the helm at Kovatch Castings. Over the next four years Doug would place the business in a position for some rapid physical expansion projects and new certifications.

2001 saw Kovatch Castings gain ISO 9001:2000 and AS9000 as a kick-off to make the organization globally competitive. With an eye on the future, Doug placed his expansion plan in motion with the purchase of additional land and the building next door.

In 2002, the first expansion of the building was completed to house a state of the art robotic shell system and a massive two-story shell drying system. At the same time, competitive edge was achieved with the acquisition of Nadcap certification in Non-Destructive Testing and the achievement of AS9100 Certification.

With the examination of the existing welding process, Doug saw the value of Nadcap certification in Welding, which was earned in 2005.

Doug Kovatch
Dedication Ceremony
2nd Foundry Addition - 2011

2010 saw a second addition, of an additional 15,000 sq.ft, started. This time the addition would bring the total square footage to 65,000 square feet and would reconfigure the shop footprint. It would house a new foundry area with two state of the art self-recuperating pusher ovens, a new metals lab, traffic centers for shipping and outside services, final inspection, straightening, and shop supervision offices. The expansion was ready to go for Kovatch Castings’ 35th Anniversary.

Doug has continued to grow Kovatch Castings with care, involvement and generosity with employees, community and charities.

In his father’s memory, Doug implemented the Frank Kovatch Memorial Charity Participation Program. This program encourages employees to participate in off-campus charitable works with additional paid time-off. Both Doug and his employees give their time to Christian Missions, volunteer at the local Food Bank, participate in Operation Christmas Child, and many other good works throughout the year.

Currently, Kovatch Castings is a sponsor of a fully-equipped room at the NEO-Natal Unit of Akron Children’s Hospital.


ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / Nadcap