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Quality Controls

In the casting industry, testing applies to almost every cast part. From aerospace to carnival ride components, strong, reliable parts are necessary to protect human life.

Destructive tests are applied to sample lots where testing specific features of parts is enough to prove conformity.  This type of test “slices and dices” a part to gather information for the specific feature; but renders the part unusable. 

Non-Destructive Testing methods are used as a means to test every part in a lot to assure that the parts are sound - and usable after the inspection.  NDT techniques provide test processes that “look into” the part to find discontinuities and differences in material characteristics that could lead to part failure.

Kovatch Castings’ NDT Lab provides the following in-house NDT testing methods for the castings we produce. Click the links below for more information about the processes:

Drawing callouts and customer contracts dictate the NDT process specification that is required by the design authority. Where customers require additional testing, such as Ultrasonic or Leak tests, Kovatch has many approved facilities that can be used to complete the testing.

NDT Technicians’ Requirements

To perform NDT, technicians must be trained, tested, and complete mandatory hours of practical experience to certify to ASNT/NAS 410 requirements:

Level 3 – the highest level of NDT expertise.  Our Level 3 is the NDT department Supervisor who is an in-house full time employee. At this level, the technician interprets standards and customer requirements to provide the NDT technique to be used. The Level 3 Supervisor at KCI is also certified to inspect product.

Level 2 – At this level, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to conduct tests, interpret and evaluate results for acceptance or rejection, and document the results. They can also supervise some Level 1 activities.

Level 1 – These technicians are allowed to perform specific NDT tests on specified parts, feature or assembly. Part preparation, process and documentation of results, controls and system performance checks can be completed with the supervision of a Level 2 or Level 3 Technician.

At KCI, our Level 3 supervisor trains and tests all of our technicians to Level 2 in all three NDT methods. 


  • Nadcap approval for Nondestructive Testing and Welding

In addition, Kovatch Castings is formally approved by the following design entities to perform NDT to their specifications:

  • Nadcap                                
  • Boeing                                 
  • GE Aviation                        
  • Hamilton Sundstrand    
  • HR Textron                        
  • Parker Hannifin                
  • Honeywell Federal         
  • Honeywell Aviation        
  • Pacific Sky                           

ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / Nadcap