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Shell Room Automation Continues

In the investment casting process, trees of wax pattern are dipped into slurry and rotated under falling sand to build shells around the wax patterns. The Process generally uses both manual and robotic operations.

Kovatch Castings has used a robot in the shell department for almost fourteen years. Fondly referred to as "Shell-E", she is a traveling bot moving between racks of staged pattern trees, drying cabinet, rainfall sand, slurry, and finish material tanks.

The new robotic system in a stationary inverted system. Hanging from the ceiling,this robotic arm is at the center of a horseshoe configuration of fluidizing tanks, slurry and finish material. The robotic arm moves from programmed op to programmed op to coat and hang the trees onto a conveyer that moves the trees to a drying area. The much smaller footprint used for this arm works well for our larger parts. Trees of 30lb+ parts are handled by this new “strong-armed” addition.

ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / Nadcap