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KCI finds an alternative to high-lead copper alloys - C83470

For many years, we at Kovatch Castings, did not quote high lead copper alloys such as C83600/C83800 (aka “leaded red brass”) because of health hazards associated with the pouring and use of the alloy. However, the lead content in the alloys is what contributes to a self-sealing ability making castings that do not leak, or require weld repair after machining.

I. Schumann , in Cleveland, was able to procure a patent for the manufacture of a new alloy "C83470 Tin Bronze" (new spec ASTM B-584-14) that replaces the two leaded copper alloys.

Internal trials with multiple test bar tree of this alloy ( melting/pouring/X-ray/machining ) were successful and we feel confident using this alloy to replace the leaded copper alloys.

Typical uses for this alloy are: low pressure valves & flanges, pipe fittings, pump castings, water pump impellers and housings, ornamental fixtures

ISO 9001 / AS 9100 / Nadcap